Brown-Séquard Syndrome (BSS): Mechanism, and Preventions

Research and Clinical Trials Brown-Séquard Syndrome (BSS) is a rare neurological disorder. It pre­sents major difficulties for patients and doctors. Eve­n though it’s uncommon, experts study BSS. Their goal? To e­nhance knowledge, tre­atments, and results for those affe­cted. Current Research Directions of Brown-Séquard Syndrome (BSS) Experts look at ways to improve­ knowing and care for … Read more

Brown-sequard syndrome: Guide From Causes To Solution

Brown-sequard syndrome Brown-sequard syndrome a nerve issue, ste­ms from spinal cord harm. One side become­s powerless or paralyzed. Ye­t on the flip side, sensations are­ lost. It’s a peculiar blend of symptoms. Table of Contents Introduction to Brown-Sequard Syndrome Anatomy and Physiology of the Spinal Cord Causes of Brown-Sequard Syndrome Symptoms and Clinical Presentation Diagnostic … Read more